Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Working out pays

I lost this week! 2.2 though its what I gained the other week but at least its going in the good direction. My weeks start Wednesday and end Tuesday (my WW meetings are Tuesday nights) so lets see... I went to the gym Fri, Mon and Tue plus my little bike ride, when I mange to fit exercise in and I don't lose I feel like it was a waste. I know its not, as my leader says "At least you are getting exercise. We would whether have to gain a pound then not exercise". But of course that's not the case this week, thank goodness. I even started off this week with a good work out this morning at the gym. I hate to sweat but I have been making myself work hard enough to do it!

My eating for the last week was pretty good though I didn't track for 2 of the days. I bought a 3 month journal hoping that will make me commit to tracking EVERY day.

I had a very hard day at work yesterday. Back in Sept the Office Manager quit and I had to take on his job as well as mine. I was the Assistant to the Sales/Estimator Manager, my new title is Administrative Assistant. Funny how when you are a male you are the Office Manager and when you are a female you are an Assistant. Anyways, there was no training for me I was just thrown into it and everyone acts like I should know this stuff. I didn't of course. I never did accounting, P.O.'s or any of that kind of stuff before. I don't mind learning as I go but geez louise man how do you learn 3 different jobs plus still do the original one you were hired for at one time. I am just getting very frustrated with them, they of course are all male and I am the only female. Every one's problem is more important then the other persons problem, these guys are worse them women! I started here 2 years ago because my fiance Randy needed an assistant so I left my job of 9 years to come work in hell, and I am not exaggerating. He left for a better job last May (I think its was May), I am not going to complain about that cause he makes more money and is happier there, and well the more money he makes the more money in our pockets.

I am lucky enough to have a schedule that I like though. I work from 6am to 2pm (though it seems I never get to have a break). This way my daughter doesn't not need to be in daycare. I am able to leave work and pick her up when there is an early release and she can come to work with me. And this is why I stay here well and I get good money. If I left I would have to settle for about $2-3 less, work a normal schedule and she would have to be in daycare which would mean more money out of our pockets. Not good when you just bought a house and are planning a wedding. So I stay and blog about it! At least I didn't binge last night after my crazy day. One day at a time, that's what I keep telling myself.

I use to remember things very well and could handle chaotic environments but working here is just insane and will make you feel incompetent and you should be flipping burgers instead. I really wish I could tap my shoes together and be an Admin. Assistant for a place that has something to do with fashion or even something to do with the community. I know those are weird combos. I LOVE fashion and I LOVE helping people.

Whew I feel better after all that typing "complaining" about work, real stress reliever. Tonight we take Izzy to race her car at the track, hopefully she doesn't yell "I'm a horsey" and embarrass Randy again. LOL, I am use to kids doing silly things but he doesn't know how to handle it yet.

Happy hump day! :)

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