Thursday, March 26, 2009

Race Night

Last night was race night for Izzy and her mini cooper. She did awesome! It was her first race and first time driving on a track. Randy took her a few weeks back to check out the track but she didn't get to race, just practice. She has been practicing in an empty parking lot. The majority of people racing were grown men but luckily there was another boy and his father in the novice team. She was all over the place with her car it was too funny in a cute way. She pulled things we didn't know how she did them nor do I think she knew. An example, she was racing down a long straight section then at the end she went flying over the tubing of the track and then right back in. She did it so fast that you didn't even know what or how it happened. She also tends to get her car stuck on the tubing but that doesn't stop her she keeps on riding, along the tubing. While practicing she met a fellow racer that would use his car to help her when she would get stuck. All eyes were on her car, I think it was because she would do such crazy things. All in all it was a very good night. My son Wade even came to cheer his sister on. I'll post some pics in the next day or tow.

I knew we would not have time at home for dinner plus Izzy has been bugging us about how she NEVER gets to go to McDonald's. I was very careful of what I ate all day that way I would have enough points for a mini meal. That's the only bad thing I had for the day but it was also soo good because I never eat my own fries. I always take one or two from someone else, just so I don't feel deprived.

So let me tell you about the dream I had last night. Very bizarre. Randy and I were in some big warehouse with a bunch of bakers. We were tasting cupcakes for the wedding. Then my scenery changes and we are at home with a thing of cupcakes on the table. Izzy is eating one, Randy is eating one. Wade was not in the room but I am sure he was eating one as well. I go into sneaky mode. Looking for a way to snatch one up and stuff it in my mouth. Randy disappears into the bathroom. And stuff is what I did. I am not kidding! I have never done this in life but in my dream I was over at the kitchen sink stuffing it in my mouth. I heard Randy come down the hallway so I take the rest of this delicious devilish cupcake and hide it under the dishes in the sink and pretend to be cleaning. LOL, I of course have frosting all over my face. Luckily I then woke up but I felt very guilty.

Anyone else out there want to share a weird food dream?

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