Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Fly

Boy did the weekend fly by.

In reference to my last blog. I we did not go to the climbing gym on Friday and we did drink wine and watch a movie. We rented Australia which is a great movie, if you have not seen it you should.

Saturday Randy took his road bike back to the shop where we bought them a year ago. His was to small. He was lucky and they gave him some money back for his bike and helped him pick a new one out. It didn't rain Saturday so we rode 10 miles. I suck and said that's good lets go back. I enjoy riding but get a little scared I am going to fall. This is why I do not have clip in shoes yet.

Sunday we were going to go to the climbing gym but they were all booked up so we will reserve a spot next weekend. I have decided to start knitting. I bought the basic items but my book I bought doesn't help much so I guess I will have to find a web site.

I had a very awkward moment at the craft store. I didn't know what I was doing so I asked the lady in the same isle, she was a young hip looking Asian lady and she looked like she knew what she was doing. I said to her "Hi can I ask you something?" she shook her head and I said "Do you knit?" She shook her head and mumbled something under her breath. I don't know if she doesn't speak English and that's why she did that or maybe she thought I was some crazy wacko trying to solicit something to her or what. But I avoided that area till I knew she was gone. I felt very uncomfortable after that and most likely wont try to ask a fellow customer for help.

Oh and I am very happy to announce we have chosen our venue. We are going to have the ceremony and reception at The Georgetown Ballroom. I feel like a lot of the planning stress is lifted off my shoulders now. I can figure out the decor and start making them. I have a lot of ideas but I felt I could not get to excited about any one thing. The decor depends alot on where you have it, so I have learned. Some places don't allow candles, some don't allow balloons and so on. One great thing is it is right around the corner from my work so I can run over there anytime, well OK, when Jerry lets me. Jerry is the super cool owner of the GB.

Now its time to go get ready for Monday. Have a fabulous night!

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