Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A BIG Thanks

First off I want to say Thank you to Jodi and Dawn for leaving such nice comments. You guys made my week, THANKS!

Lets see...Gym wise I did awesome. I went Wed, Thur, Fri, Mon and Tue (My weeks are Wed to Tue). I up'd my time a bit. I was getting up at 4am but between getting ready, eating my banana and driving a couple blocks to get there I wasn't starting my work out till 4:15am then ending at 4:55am. So now I am getting up at 3:45am and arriving there at 4am and still leaving at 4:55am of course if I am having a real good work out I will stay till 4:59am but that's pushing it. I have to leave the house no later then 5:35am for work so I tend to cut it real close. Luckily I work with all men and rarely see anyone else so I just wear jeans and t-shirts.

I use to just walk on the treadmill and do some time on the elliptical. I walked mainly because I was paranoid about running with other people around. I thought that:

1. I looked funny running (when Randy would go with me I would always ask him if my running looked ok).
2. I was making hella noise with my heavy self.
3. I felt to many body parts were swinging this way and that way and it was noticeable.

Now I do weird stuff on purpose and I don't care. Of course I am there so early it doesn't matter. Here is my latest routine. I change it every now and again.

Warm up
incline 6 speed 3.3, 1 min
incline 8 speed 3.3, 1 min
incline 10 speed 3.3, 1 min
incline 12 speed 3.3, 1 min
incline 15 speed 3.3, 1 min

After my warm up is when it gets weird
Decline to 12 speed 3.8, 1 min I stretch my legs so I am working my butt (at every 12)
Decline to 10 speed 3.8, 1 min I do a strange circle motion with my legs (at every 10)
Decline to 8 speed 3.8, 1 min just a normal walk
Delcine to -2.0 speed 6.2 I run for 1 min

Incline to 8 speed 3.8, 1 min catching my breath
Incline to to 10, 12 doing to same routine
Incline to 15 speed 4.2, 1 min I then run/jog/scoot or whatever you would call. Its a very hard one for me but makes me feel good.

So I do that over and over till its time to go. I really think its making a huge difference. I can see the changes in my body. I even tried on my wedding dress again to see if it fit differently. It did, I can button all of the buttons, if I had hand that reached back there that is. I just need to do some toning in the middle.

I cant remember if I already wrote about my dress but its a size 4. I found it at my local Goodwill for $40. I couldn't pass it up. Its a brand new Issac Mizrahi. It doesn't fit like a 4 since I cant even fit in that size so I dont know whats up with their sizing. I will need to get some alterations done on it once I get to my goal weight. Dresses always seem to fit funny with me, they tend to be real lose in the belly area. I guess that's because I am pear shaped. I just found that out this week, lol.

This week I lost .4, that brings me to 149.2 total loss of 10.6. Once again I didn't mind that it was little. I'll take little ones over gains any day. I really hate saying 10.6 because its really more then that. Thats just from when I started over again.

I was told today that I have birth giving hips. If I hear that one more time in my life I think I will either scream or eat a cupcake. I am sure I wont hear it when I am in my 50's.

Tonight my daughter has a RC car race. We had to buy some new parts because the cheap one the car came with broke last time. Oh, I almost forgot Izzy had her first bike ride on a trail. We went from the wineries in Woodinville to Marymoore. About 10 miles round trip. It was a bit much but she kept saying lets go lets go. There was one close call. Her brakes are not that great. We got her a simple inexpensive bike from Target till she gets better. We came to a bike over pass and then the trail goes down. The bike trail runs along a river. So she is pushing real hard on her breaks but they are not working. She goes on the other side of the trail, over some rocks, and stops inches from some sticker bushes with the river right on the other side. Scary stuff.
She did very well till we were headed back. By then she was getting tired, making her weave all over the trail and getting in peoples way going the other direction. Most of them were cool about it, there was one guy who started swearing and telling her to stay on her side of the trail. Luckily she didn't hear him.

So that's my week in a nuts shell.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random Excerises

Do they work? I have no idea. I randomly exercise through out the day. For example, every time I use the bathroom at work I do triceps dips and squats while I am there. And if know no one is around I will do some jumping jacks and some other things I can think of off the top of my head. I don't know if doing this kind of thing is worth it but it makes me feel good so I suppose it is worth it.

This week has been most excellent. I went to the gym last week Wed, Thur, Fri then This week I have gone everyday. Last Friday we went on a bike ride from Lake Forest Park to the Husky Stadium (I think that is about 20 miles round trip) then Sunday we went the same way but to Gas Works Park (25 Miles). So needless to say I feel fabulous this week.

Eating is going well also. I am still only cooking WW recipes, that is helping a lot on my weight loss. If you are doing WW and having a hard time like I was I suggest making a couple of WW recipes in the week.

I lost .4 this week, of course I blame that on stopping at Ivar's on our way back from Gas Works (I had fries). The lady who weighed me was too funny. She said "Oh you are down a that OK?" I said yes, thats great. It was weird that she asked me that, yes it was only .4 but it was something and it put me at 149.6 total of 10.2lbs gone plus I got a star. I think I was OK with that small amount because I am feeling so good lately.

Isn't amazing how working out really hard makes you feel? I am to the point that if I think I am going to miss a workout I start getting a little cranky. I did that last night. We were going to watch a movie but it didn't start till after 6pm and as you know (those who read my posts) I wake up very early to go to the gym. Randy ended up turning it off and announcing that we will finish it another night. I am sure that me getting up and getting things ready for the next day had nothing to do with it :)

Lets see, what else is going on this week.... Oh my ceiling at work is dripping all over my desk. My bosses solution was to put buckets on my desk and some of the guys went on the roof to scoop water off but the drip drip was still going on. Drove me nuts!

I know, my week is boring. I always have a ton of stuff I want to write but by the time I sit down to do it, I have already forgotten most of it.

My daughter the other day came up to me and said she needs to lose weight because her clothes are to tight and the kids at school tease her. This broke my heart. She is almost 8 just over 4ft tall and about 86 pds. She has always been a bit chubby, her dad is a big guy. Every time she mentions this kind of thing my answer to her is that she just needs to eat better, more healthy stuff like fruits and veggies. The problems is she eats good healthy stuff here at home with us then goes to her dads and eats junk. I have talked to him about this and even said that her doctor says she needs to eat better but he just says OK but doesn't actually do anything. I am at a loss with this one because I feel like she is just to young to have to worry about losing weight and that she is to young to even attempt to go on some kind of diet. But I am also worried about her health. Diabetes runs in my family and hers, get this, her dad has diabetes. Yes that's right, yet he still gives her chocolate chips as a snack. He is not a single dad so its not because he doesn't know what he is doing. I thought that when he got married that his wife would encourage better eating habits but that doesn't seem to be the case.

I guess I can only hope that by Randy and I continuing the life style we have will be a good enough example for her. Does anyone else have this kind of problem?