Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mini Cooper

So a couple months back Randy, my daughter (Izabelle aka Izzy) and I went to a indoor RC racing track and Izzy got all into it. Of course once we were back home both of them starting looking online and doing some research. Before I knew it we were down at the local hobbie shop and ended up coming home with a Mini Cooper RC for Izzy. Randy helped her put it together and had her practice driving it in a empty parking lot. She has gotten pretty good at it, wont let me drive it though, lol. She seems to think I will crash it.

Randy took her back to the track 2 weeks ago to find the place had shut down. You can imagine how disappointed she was. Seems that most of the tracks are disappearing. There use to be a couple 10 mins from where we live and this latest one was about a 45 min drive. Randy did some looking around online and found one in Tacoma which is an hour away. Lucky he found a web site and asked if there were any places he didn't know about. Turns out the place that shut down was now running out of a hanger about 15 mins away from home. Of course its on Wednesdays because the hanger gets rented out and is always booked. They got there last night about the time they were setting up. She got to drive it around and found another kid to crash cars with. Of course by the time the set up was done it was time for bed.

At that point you have to hear about how unfair it is. Its not really bedtime because its still light out. Don't even try to explain Daylights Saving to them. Any who how here is a couple of pics of Izzys cooper and her as well. (The Mini does not have stickers applied yet).

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