Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The beginning

My name is Samantha. I named my blog Sam's Mountain because life is like a Mountain, you have to climb and go through tough times to get where you want, in any aspect. I don't normally blog but I hear it does wonders for whatever type of life plan you are on and great for the soul. At this point I can use all the help I can get. I haven't done this before because I tend to ramble on and on about all kinds of things. So I thought I would give it a try and if I am doing something incorrect maybe someone will be kind enough to let me know. I am a shy kind of gal and the thought of blogging makes me nervous but if you don't grab life by the balls (can you say balls??) what kind of life are you living? My day to day life is quite busy so I might not blog everyday but I sometimes have to vent just like everyone else. So I hope that is OK. I guess I am going to use this kind of like a journal. I am no good at using a paper journal or I would do that and spare the world of my boring life, lol. See, this is what I am talking about, how I tend to ramble on and on about nothingness (is that a word?? I hope so cause I am going to use it). So that that said here is a bit about me.

I am a 32 years old mother of 2 kids, my son is 16 and my daughter is 7. Yes, I know I had my son at a young age, I was there after all and don't need anyone pointing that out to me. Even though I have 2 of my own I can feel my clock a ticking. My Fiance would like one of his own. I don't mind having more but at the same time I am enjoying life and don't know if I want to go through that stage again. Then there is the fact that I am working so hard to get to my goal weight that I don't want to screw it all up. That might seem selfish to some people but if you have been working so hard for so long wouldn't you be selfish as well??

Randy proposed on Christmas 2008. We had gone to a friends wedding is Sept. and I of course caught her bouquet. We choose March 13th 2010 as our wedding date. Its the month we met and the closest weekend to the date. We are paying for the wedding ourselves so that's why its in 2010. He would like to get married on top of a mountain but not many of our loved ones would be able to or want to make it. I have been waiting a what feels like a life time for my man in shining armor and want my moment that most girls grow up wanting. I am a little wacky and a little different but I still want to be "The Bride".

I have been on the "diet planet" since my early 20's. When I think back to that time I cant believe I thought I was overweight. I must have been around 130lbs (I am 5'3) and I always wore skirts and BIG shirts to hide my body. I didn't wear or own jeans till my late 20's. In 1999 a co-worker and close friend started Weight Watchers and it was working so I had her buy me the kit and I did it on my own. I lost 15 pounds then found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I was very careful with my weight gain with her. I was 175lbs and topped off at 216 in the end. Of course I continued to gain after wards. It wasn't till her first Christmas that I noticed, it was a picture of me holding her on my hip by the tree. It was a complete shock to me. Even though I have always struggled with weight issues, it was just a bit to much from me. At my heaviest weight 230lbs it was time to get a handle of myself. I started walking and eating better. I even joined Curves. By summer of 2002 I had only gone down to 223lbs. I wasn't getting the results I wanted so I quit Curves and started going to WW meetings. I figured I could always walk and exercise at home.

By Summer 2003 I was down to 175lbs. March 2004 when I met my Fiance Randy on I weighed as much as he did 165lbs. Of course I was happy and indulged in Strawberry pancakes with whip cream and all alongside him. Every weekend we would do this. It was soo bad yet soo good. By Fall of 2004 I was 185lbs. We joined a gym. I wanted to get smaller and he wanted to get bigger. Its a bit fuzzy from there. I know I went up and down alot. We started doing a lot of hiking and snowboarding which I never did before so I am sure my body was confused.

End of 2006 I got to 154lbs my lowest that I could remember since my early 20's. Then 1/07 we joined a group called Mountaineers and took their Alpine Scramble course. Randy likes to eat a big hardy meal the night before a scramble then of course after wards the group wants to go out for pizza. Combine that with trail mix and you have a 21lbs gain. So by the summer I was up to 175lbs. Yes I was active but tell my brain that and all it sees is the scale and the fact that some of my clothes are not fitting the same. OK, this is taking longer then I thought so I am going to shorten this year. It took till 1/08 to get down to 171lbs. I took a look at what I was eating and cut my calories a little bit and was more careful with what I was eating when we were hiking/backpacking. It starting working and by 6/08 I was down to 165lbs.

The end of July 2008 I stuck to my guns and added more time at the gym. Because I go in the late afternoon with Randy all he focuses on is upper body and by the time we are done with that I don't have time for my lower half, which lets face it, its what needs the work. I normally get up at 4am and spend 25-30 mins doing cardio on the treadmill or elliptical then I rotate days between legs and abs. Now mind you this doesn't always happen because face it if it did I would already be fit and at goal. I start work at 6am and get off at 2pm that way my daughter doesn't have to be in daycare. We do homework and chores. Make dinner then off to the gym at 5pm for upper body stuff. Then home to reheat dinner, baths and bed. I try to be in bed between 7:30 and 8pm. I do the morning thing cause its the only time available and I need it for me, its "My time". So as of today I am 151lbs. However every 8-10 pounds I plateau and that's what I am having to work through now. When Winter hit I starting running with my dog so I wouldn't have to wait for the car to heat up to go to the gym but now its WAY to cold to run.

The start of 2009 we quit smoking and by Feb. I was up to 159.4lbs. I talked my maid of honor into going to WW meetings with me but it would have to be when we got back from Vegas (my sister lives there). Of course we thought we could play the "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" game and smoke while we were there, didnt work. When we got back my MOH and I started WW's again on 2/10/09. As of today I have lost 7.6 of what I gained. Now here is there tickler. I quit smoking tomorrow and am afraid that I will gain again. So stay tunes and maybe some of you can give me some tips.

Oh and for those of you who made it through all of my babble and are curious about my once skinny man who wanted to get bigger. He made it to 200lbs (if you remember he was 165) he cont to gain muscle but of course came the weight. When he gets stressed he doesn't eat like he needs to and will lose but then start putting on fat. LOL so not only do I deal with my issues I have to listen to his. He says he is skinny but fat. I think he looks great though. Enough said for now. I sure hope someone made it through my blog. :) Thanks for listening and I hope to cont. blogging and reading all the great blogs of others. Oh boy am I nervous about posting my blog but here I go! :)


  1. Wow! Mammoth blog. Talk about the whole enchilada! Welcome to blogland!

  2. Oh wow a comment! Thank you. I tend to get carried away, lol.