Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's Sabotage

Yes that's right I have sabotaged myself. Today was my weigh in at my WW meeting and I gained 2 pounds. I tend to stop tracking on Fridays and not continue till Monday. I really need to break that habit. So here is the list of reasons or excuses if you will for my 2 pound gain:

1. Secret eating
2. Going to the climbing gym (followed by)
3. Going to the regular gym Monday and Tuesday morning (followed by)
4. Working at home with my tiny hand weights before going to my meeting (followed by)
5. My muscles swell when I am at all active
6. Drinking way more tea then needed
7. And of course not keeping track of my points
8. All of the above

My friend that I go to meetings with also has a had time jounaling so this week we have vowed to check with each other everyday to make sure we are tracking. The only excuse I am going to let myself have is number 7, because number 1 would not have happened if I did and 2 thru 5 are just silly. Being active is better then not, correct? And as for number 6? I will just have to not drink 4 cups of tea from 3pm to 5:30pm on Tuesdays.


  1. Oh my god
    It's a mirage
    I'm tellin' y'all
    It's sabatoge!
    DUN NUH dt dt dt dt DUH NUH!


  2. Look how far you have come from 230 to 151. WOW!!

    Man, those weekend will get you every time. You can do it! Take control and journal!

  3. Thank you Dawn! Its nice to know that someone else is reading my blog that is not family :)