Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wedding Favors

I didn't let the binge monster in the door today! I am taking one day at a time and if I must have something sweet I always keep Kashi bars or 60 calorie pudding in the house. I went with the Kashi bar today.

So instead of trying to feed the monster I finished 5 of 60-70 wedding favors that I am making. I wanted something different, something from the heart. I mean how many people take home wedding favors and think to themselves "What am I going to do with this"? Our friend Amy and her hubby gave out a CD with their wedding songs, that was cool but I didn't want to copy them. I also didn't want to give out something with our name and date all over it. That might be good for our parents but I don't think our friends want to display it in their house.

This is what I decided to do. I like to paint little wooden boxes. I have made a few for friends and they seemed to love them. Of course I get better the more I make them, which has not been lately. Randy thinks I should go one step further and make my own boxes but that is a bit to much work and we don't have a shop. Right now both of us are using our tiny dining room as the shop (he is building a glider).

Here are some pictures. Sorry if they are not that great. I had to use my cell phone since little miss Izzy dropped my camera.

I take a plain box like the one below and take off the latch, makes sanding and painting a lot easier. Sand it to make it nice and smooth. Wipe it off with a cotton cloth then a tack cloth. Then paint and seal it. The seal gives them a nice shine.

What are those on top you say? I am glad to asked. Those are mini chalkboards. We will write our names and date on them then the guests can wipe them off at home. This way they can have a keepsake that does not display our info but they can write whatever they want. Excuse the glue it is not dry yet.

I wish the pictures came out better. They really are nice looking. They are a mocha brown with splashes of green. We are going for a earthy outdoorsy type wedding. This is the back.

Another front view. I am attempting to do 3 every weekend but that has not worked out.

Its very hard to get them done when Izzy comes running up with a brush asking if she can help, lol. I did give her some other boxes to paint of her own which she enjoys painting. Then again she does have her mini cooper to keep her busy. which happens to be right next to her below.


  1. Sometimes I wish I thought of stuff like that. Really creative!!

  2. Such a creative and cute idea with the boxes. I guess your daughters name is Izzy? My daughters name is Lizzie!

  3. Thanks you guys or I should say ladies, Randy doesnt count since he is the groom :)

    Dawn, yes my daughters name is Izzy short for Izabelle. Is Lizzie a nickname as well?