Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Whats up with me lately

I am a bit blue this week. The scale gods were crazy by the time I weighed in at my meeting I was up a pound. A WHOLE pound. I don't know how to put on of those weigh side chart things I have seen on other blogs on my page so here is the run down.

2001 through 2003 - 223lbs to 216lbs
2004 through 2005 - 175lbs to 165 lbs
2006 through 2008 - 165lbs to 149lbs
Part of 2008 a ranged from 149lbs to 170lbs (this is all off the top of my head, I am to lazy to go locate all my info)

Back to Weight Watchers (I quit in 2007)

2/10/09 159.4
2/17/09 156.2
2/24/09 152.4
3/3/09 152.2
3/10/09 151.8
3/17/09 153.8
3/24/09 151.6
3/31/09 152.0
4/7/09 153.0

I always get stuck when I get close to 149lbs. I dip there then my body says "SIKE" and a put on a pound or 2. I have been very good with my points, tracking and exercise. I went to the gym 3 days last week plus a 20 mile bike ride this last Saturday. We are having a 8 week challenge at my WW meeting which is now 7 weeks away. I have chosen my 10% as my goal which is 15 lbs from my start weight. You would think it wouldn't be to hard considering I only have 8.6 to go, of course it would be closer if I didn't magically put on 1lb this last week. I think I am bloated so I guess its not to bad we shall just have to see. I also think I have been eating to many South Beach Smores Bars (OMG those are good). Maybe I should not eat 1 or 2 a day even if I have the points for them. So here is what I am doing this week. My little commitment to myself.

1. Be active at least 3 days (went to the gym this morning 2 more to go)

2. Drink less soda (diet)

3. No more South Beach Bars (Just to see what happens)

4. I want to weigh myself every morning (I know this could be bad but I want to be able to see exactly what is going on even if its just for a week)

5. Drink more water

Good news is I have not had ANY Easter candy, yet.
So check back next week and see what happened in Sam's Mountain.
I should have rock climbing picture up by then :)


  1. I am a daily weigher too. I just like to stay on top of it and see how it is going. You just have to remember that your weight fluctuates from day to day due to so many factors and you can't let it ruin your mood. I am sure you know that but if you weigh daily just don't get too hung up on it and as long as weekly there is a downward trend then you know you are doing the right thing.