Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OH my calfs

I am still on my kick of weighing myself every morning. But I also up'd my workout at the gym to the point of sweating. I normally don't sweat like other people I see especially on the elliptical so I have been working 30 mins on the treadmill. I warm up for 2 mins then run for 2 mins then incline to 8, 10, 12, 15 each for a min (walking at speed of 3.8) back down and then repeat. Boy do I sweat! I then hit the elliptical for a 10 min cool down though I am still working a good pace. So I did that 3 days this week (remember my weeks are Wed to Tue). We then went on a hike on Saturday. We planned on going up Bandera Mt, a new one for us but there was snow blocking the road, 3 miles from the trail head. We decided to turn around and do Mt Si. We hike Mt. Si about 2-3 times a year and I hate going to the same place over and over but it was close. It is a 8 miles round trip hike and is used often for people training to climb BIG mountains. If fact there was a guy there that went up twice that day, once w/ a 65lb pack then a 40lb, he was training for Denali. What a brave man, then we saw a guy practically run up carrying his bike, yeah I know crazy! There was snow close to the top so that made it more of a workout.

Now, to the calf's. My leg muscles swell after hiking. No matter how much I work out at the gym, no matter how often I hike. They just seem to swell and stay that way for 2-3 days. It has taken me about 2 years to realize this and accept it. My calf's right now are has hard as a rock. Really.

I was very worried about weighing in this evening at my WW meeting but I pulled myself together and I am very glad I went. I went down 1.6lbs, I just hope I can keep it up.

Along with my new routine at the gym I am eating better. I am making A LOT of WW meals out of some of the cook books I have. They are very very yummy. My family has not complained to much, just when I over spice things.

OK, so regarding my last post about our venue. Randy called them last Friday and we arranged to meet them again Monday 4/21/09. We talked money then signed the contract. YEAH I finally can check that off my wedding list of things to do. It feels good to have that part done.

OK, OK I know everyone (the whole 2-3 people that read these) are dying to know what my daily weigh In's were. So here we go....

Wed 4/15 151.8
Thur 4/16 149.6
Fri 4/17 150.6
Sat 4/18 150.6
Sun 4/19 150.8 (see the swelling starting?)
Mon 4/20 152.4 (Bing bing bing there you have it)
Tue 4/21 AM 151.4
Tue 4/22 PM 151.2

I am on my 11th week at WW and I am finally down 8.2lbs. I am going to really focus on staying on track like I have been the last 2 weeks. I am also thinking about cutting out fake sugar, just thinking. I don't know how well I can do this because I use it in my coffee and tea. I will also be changing the way I view my journey. I want to focus more on getting fit, eating well and being happy with who I am not who I want to be or "Look Like".

To top off my post of the week I wanted to throw out a couple of comments I got this week. One was from a lady I have known for 10 years and she has seen me big and smaller (though not this small). She said I was looking good but I should not get any thinner. My face was starting to look shrunken. I thought this was strange only because I am still considered over weight. My other comment was from the lady who weighed me at my meeting tonight (bless her heart) said "Good job you are down, though I don't know where you put your weight! You don't look like you weigh that". I then informed her that it is all in my bottom half! :)

Good night all.

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