Wednesday, April 29, 2009

5 %

I finally got to my 5% YAY! I lost 1.2lbs which brings the tally to 9.4lbs.Took forever and I was close many times in my 12 week travels. Doesn't help when they write one thing in your book and another in their record. I should have gotten it last week since its a 8lbs loss to get me there and last week I was at 8.2lbs down but its all good at least I got it

My goal/challenge (and I do mean challenge because I always try to jump ahead) starting this week is to take small steps. No not on the treadmill silly, I'll never get anywhere then let alone a sweat going. Small steps as in focus on getting to my 5%, accomplished. Now my 10%, see where I am going with this? Yes that's right small step or tiny whatever floats your boat.

I tend to think to far ahead, like getting to my goal weight. Well if that seems to far away, especially when you are not sure what your goal weight is yet then you get discouraged. Which I have many times. Whats working for me lately you ask? Here are somethings I have started doing different in the last 3 weeks (my leader says when you do something new give it 6 weeks for your body to adjust, just a little FYI).

1. I increased my cardio at the gym to the point where I am sweating and I am smell myself (yes I know ewww). I don't know what most people burn I am sure its more then me but I aim for 350-400 cals.

2. I go to the gym at least 3 days but I can usually manage 4 days. When its a real good week I can squeeze in 5 days.

3. If you have been following, which would be just Barb I am sure. About 3 weeks ago I started weighing myself every morning. I know ALOT of people think this is bad and I am sure it is not a good thing for some people but it is working for me. Since starting this I have been losing and not because I stopped eating but because I know what I weigh that day and that I should NOT add 5 cookies to my menu.

4. I also am journaling/tracking full speed. I pre-write the dates (I have a 3 month journal), I don't know how this helps but it does. Its like since its written there I MUST write what I ate. I even have been tracking on the weekend which is a hard thing for me.

5. Most of my meals lately have been WW recipes. I think that has been a big help (yes I say that about all of my numbers) :)

I don't normally post what I eat only because I don't want someone breathing down my neck about how I am not getting this or that or you are getting to much of this or that. I am sure you get the picture. But here is a sample of what I eat. Minus the days I eat cookies of course :)

Breakfast - Cin. English Muffin 3pts (I lightly spray with I cant believe its not butter spray, and only on the days I go to the gym)

Snack - Fruit cup 1pt

Snack - Kellogg's Fiber something crackers 18 & Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge 3pts

Lunch - 2 pc turkey lunch meat and red. fat string cheese 1 2pt and carrots

Snack - Banana small 1pt (I know most fruit are 2pts but I tend to count them as 1 since I absolutely didn't get fat off of fruit)

Snack - Light Vin. Soy milk, little dash of chocolate protein and some frozen fruit 2pts (I share this with my daughter, actually she tries to steal it. It might be only 1pt but just incause I call it 2)

Dinner - Orange Ginger Chicken (WW Recipe) 5pts. I didn't eat but a few bites of the orange rice that goes with it, which would make it 7pts but I counted mine 5pts.

Wine - 2pts, I drink 1-3 a week depending on whats going on. This would be my first for the week.

Marshmallows - I snuck some while making my daughter coco 1 pts.

Snack - SF pudding 1pt

TOTAL: 21pts

When I don't go to the gym I have a banana for breakfast. I also take a multi-vitamin for all of you who are freaking out that I am not getting enough nutrients. Oh and vitamin c as well.

Here is my weigh ins for the week. This will be my last time posting them. Since it was kind of a test and I am sure people don't want to read how much I weigh everyday. I will how ever be posting my weekly weigh ins. So at least you have that to look forward to. Here ya go!

Wed 4/22 150.0
Thur 4/23 150.8
Fri 4/24 151.0
Sat 4/25 150.4
Sun 4/26 150.2
Mon 4/27 150.4
Tue 4/28 150.0 (AM and PM)
Wed 4/29 149.4

All in all it has been an awesome week for me. Saturday Randy, his BF and his wife went on a motorcycle ride to Anacortes. That was fun. Um, I think that's all the excitement that happened. Might be why it was such a good week, lol.

Later gator!

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