Monday, August 10, 2009

Most Excellent

I’ve had a wonderful week! I am super excited for many reasons. For starters I made it to the gym Mon, Tue, Wed and Thur of last week. There was a reason for not making it Fri but I have managed to forget what it was. Though I did do my work out routine at home in the evening. I was going to get up and go Sat but Randy thought that would be insane since we were going to be climbing/hiking Guy Peak that day. Guye Peak is an obstacle I had to over come. Let me take you back…

We joined a group called the Mountaineers back in 2007 and took their Alpine Scramble course. I was very new still to hiking as it was. This involved hiking in the snow. It was very intense. After learning first aid, all about gear and making it up Cowboy Mt. (Stevens Pass). Then they take you to Snoqualmie Pass and separate everyone into 3 groups. Easy, moderate and difficult (which Randy was in of course). I was put in to the easy group which was all girls. We would be going up Guye Peak. I had been stressed and was not off to a good start as it was. Our leader, I shall call him Subaru (that’s all I can come up with for him) seemed to have it in for me from the start. We hiked up in the snow which was very steep. You have to stop constantly to navigate with your map and compass. I was always the slowest, as I said I was still new to hiking. My legs hurt a lot and it seemed every time I caught up with the group, they had stopped for a break but as soon as I got there they would start moving again. Close to the top we stopped in a clearing and practiced ice axe arrests. These are very stressful. You pretty much throw yourself down a hill and stop yourself with the ice axe. You do this many times, with out your backpack on, sitting, lying down, head first and backwards. Then you do it all over again with your pack on! I wasn’t doing as well has I had before. As I mentioned Mr. Subaru was picking on me, and no I am not just as baby as you will read later on. By the time we were almost on the top I was very weak, oh by the way I am afraid of heights. We came to an area where you have to climb a rock, which was wet and at an angle that would send you flying down a cliff. I attempted this 3 times and gave up; I started having a panic attack. The rest of the group continued on and I was left going back down with Mr. Subaru. He be littled me all the way down. Asking why I was there if I was afraid of heights, I am not cut of for this stuff, bluh bluh bluh. I vowed never to return to Guye Peak since I was not capable.

Randy thought I was being too sensitive that Mr. Subaru cant possible be like that. Then our last get together in the class he was walking around looking lonely while everyone else mingled. I felt bad and thought maybe he is just a geek and has no friends. I suggested we go talk to him about one of the scrambles he would be leading. The first thing out of his mouth was that I would not be able to do any if “HIS” scrambles. He said a few other things but I can’t remember them. After we were done Randy realized I was correct about the man. Either he hates brunettes or I reminded him of a woman who hurt him or maybe he just doesn’t like the weak trying to overcome their fears. I don’t know and probably never will.

About a year ago Randy and I attempted this Mt of fear in the snow. He felt I needed to overcome it. Every time we would drive by it on the way to some other hike I would feel panicky just looking at it. We didn’t make it very, it was very steep and we came across an area that had had an avalanche not long ago. But it was a fun trip.


This weekend we went back. No snow of course. We made it! 2 hours up and 1 hr 40 mins back down. I can’t remember the elevation, never been very good at that but it was still very steep. Randy told me he was proud and impressed with me. I love it when he says that! :)

Here are some picture, enjoy:

This is me doing an ice axe arrest on Cowboy Mt.

I made it to the top of Cowboy!

This is the only pic of my Guye Peak group. I am in the middle.

And on to this last weekend. Can you see the top?

This is my explaning what the rock looked like on that frightful day.

This bird took bread from my hand and on top of my boot.

The bottom. I just found out we were at 5000 elv.

Me! :)

Us! :)

Me, eating lunch.

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