Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Been stuck

I have not posted in a while because I have felt defeated. I hate it when I am doing SO well then it all seems for nothing. The whole month of July was a waste. A few times now I have been a pound away from finally getting my 10% award from WW. But now I have to work even harder because during the month of July I put on a few pounds I already lost. Of course there have been a lot of changes so I don’t know which one has done the damage. Here is my list of changes:

1. Quit smoking (again)
2. Changed my meals a little by adding more to breakfast
3. Changed my workout routine, could be muscle gain
4. And of course (the end of the month is my favorite time of the month
could be bloating.
5. Camping, we have gone camping a couple of times. Could be the smores.

All I can do is keep on going. I know it takes 4-6 weeks for your body to acknowledge when you have changed things. I am noticing my body changing though. Even my fiancée said that my body is getting harder and to keep up with what ever I am doing because it is working. I really need to stop letting the scale get to me.

I will say that I wanted to wait till I got to my goal to quit smoking. Yes I know that is a bad thing to say. But every time I quit I put on 10 pounds and I am very scared. If I was to my goal at least I would be able to monitor the weight but as it is I have to worry about what I have to loose plus not putting on the extra. Anyways, just wanted to get that off my chest. It was my fiancés idea to quit. It was not a pretty first week either  we just about killed each other.

I just noticed its more then a few pounds. Here is my weight in’s for the last couple of months (I really like lists):

6/9 147 total: 12.8
6/16 145.8 total: 14
6/26 146 total: 13.8
7/7 147 total: 12.2
7/14 145 total: 14.8
7/28 150.2 total 9.6

I need to loose a total of 15 pounds to get to 10% and as you can see I was close 2 times. How frustrating is that?? VERY. Maybe I am just stuck in the 140’s for a couple of months. I can see that happening since I did the same in the 150’s, up and down, up and down, over and over again. I even cried last week after weigh in at WW (at home of course). When I saw that I was back at 150.2 it was like someone punched me in my tum tum. I thought I was finally rid if the 150’s, thought I kicked them out the door. Not only was a looking forward to getting to my 10% by the beginning of August but I was hoping to get out of the “over weight” category. 141 is my max and I was so looking forward to that. I’ll just have to look foreword to it this month because I tell you what, I WANT IT!

Now I just need to think of an award to give myself. I am having a real hard time with this part. I am thinking that if I have something dangling in my face like that I might try a little harder.

I don’t have many followers but I am wondering what kind of awards other people give themselves??

Here are some new pictures of summer fun.

Randy showing Izzy how to shoot a 22. This is both mine and Izzy's first time shooting.

Izzy at the picnic table.

Me shooting our friend Nik's .40 Glock

Randy shoing Izzy how to shoot a 22.

Izzy shooting.

Our Dog Nikki, she is so sweet!

Me, getting ready to put up targets.

Our friend Aaron and our crazy dog Zane.

Randy and I walking back to camp.

Me, last Friday. Getting ready for the gym at 4:30am.

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  1. Look at you getting ready for the gym at 4:30 AM. WOW!! Be proud of that. Very few are willing to put in that type of dedication.

    You have to get out of your funk and pick up the pieces and get focused and get going again. Youi know you can do it. Look at all of the great things you have done like quitting somking, adding more breakfast (which is smart) and changing up your work outs. Keep at it and the scale will show you the love eventually. I am sure of it.

    My rewards for myself are actually just in my mind. I reward myself by eating good and making good decisions and passing up food that I know isn't worth it. I also reward myself by hitting the gym consitently at 5:30 in the morning. To me just knowing I did that FOR ME is reward enough. In return my pants fit better and I look better in the mirror and I know I am feeding my body the good nutrition that it needs and loves.

    Be proud of the changes that you have made and KEEP ON KEEPING ON! You are too close to that 10% goal to throw in the towel now. Get back to it and step it up and make your goal then re-evaluate and see where you are going next.