Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wedding Update

170 days to go! YAY.

This is our venue for both the ceremony and reception:

Jerry who runs the show is wonderful! It's located right around the corner from work so that makes it real easy to get things done.

Our caterer/baker (we are not doing cake but pies instead):

Lori and Sue are wonderful also. They are very easy to work with and they have a delightful woman who works at the deli/bakery part who always know how what to say to make your day!

I have my dress, garters and shoes so far. I need to get a modesty panel for the back. I don't think my guests want to see my butt crack. The dress must be made for a taller woman but I can still rock it. I want to get a birdcage veil but I am very picky so that part will be hard.

Here is a picture of my shoes or I should say a shoes:

This week I finally got my 10% award from WW. It took way to long but its done and now I can move on to my next mini goal of 141lbs, then I wont be in the overweight category.

Other then wedding planning I started to learn how to play the guitar, from my dad for my birthday. AND now I want this:

I am studying the DOL motorcycle manual and looking into taking a course. Super excited and cant wait till that baby is mine!

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